PredictiveData: Press Kit

  • 04 Apr 2019

What is Predictive Data App?

PredictiveData makes AI (artificial intelligence) easily accessible any size business or data enthusiast.  It’s easy to create fast, high-perfomance machine learning models and predictions. It works by using your data, applying cutting-edge automated machine learning, and then creates useful predictions.   

PredictiveData provides the competitive edge for a better, more profitable business, without having to build up a staff of Data Scientists.


  • 4 simple steps to generate machine learning Predictions on your data
  • State of the art Auto-ML (automatic machine learning) to handle the data science
  • Tutorial use case examples and tips to prepare the data
  • Easily syncs with Google Drive for fast and secure data transfer
  • Variable importance chart in addition to predictions to help you understand your data
  • Free and Premium plans available