Predict which Customers will Purchase

  • 04 Apr 2019

The Challenge

A marketer who wants to be as successful and efficient as possible, they have limited time and resources, and want to focus on potential customers who have the best chance of buying their products. It doesn't make sense to priortize customers who are less likely to engage versus customers that have higher chance of closing the deal.

The have historical and demographics data on current customers. Something that looks like this:

mobile screen
Data like this is all that is needed to create a machine learning model!

The Solution

By using the historical data, they can create predictions on future customers probability to purchase. Here is what his potential customers data looks like: mobile screen

By submitting both files to PredictiveData App, which uses state-of-the-art automated machine-learning, you’ll have predicted probabilities applied to your new customers to purchase, like this: mobile screen

Now Jim can prioritize who to contact and which product offerings to maximize his sales. Just takes

4 simple steps.